Use 3D models in Google

How to use 3D models in Google

Google annouced the possibility to use 3D models in Google search in their 2019 developer conference. They connect the smartphone’s camera to the search engine.

Show your product in 3D and Augmented Reality

By showing your product in 3D & AR you can give your customers a true look and feel of your product. Questions like: How does it match in the room and does it fit belong to the past. After searching, the customers sees a button ‘See in 3D’ and can even place it in their own environment!

How to start with 3D models in Google

This function will be available later this year and will be as simple as adding a few lines of code! This article will be updated upon release of the feature.

Why use 3D models in Google?

We believe that 3D models in combination with AR will be a great leap forward in a consumers buying process. Years ago, Google started ranking Shopping products higher when they had a picture as well. The next step in Google shopping will be 3D models. Curious? Contact us for the possibilities.

If you do not have 3D models yet, please take a look at our service. We provide accurate and detailed 3D models of your products suitable for all major Augmented Reality platforms.

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