Sketchfab: How to upload and share 3D models

Sketchfab: How to upload and share 3D models

Sketchfab started as a platform for people to publish and find 3D content online. It now is the largest platform for immersive an interactive 3D content. However, besides being a large database of 3D models, the platform is also usable to upload, configure and embed 3D models for e-commerce purposes! In this article it is explained how you can use Sketchfab to upload and showcase your products in 3D.

Uploading 3D models to Sketchfab

1. Press upload

Visit and hit the upload button on the upper right corner. Make sure you are logged in. If you do not have a Sketchfab account yet, you can register one for free.

2. Drag and drop your files

Select your 3D model files and upload them to the platform. Be sure to only upload 3D models supported by Sketchfab. If you also have material files that belong to the 3D model, pack both the 3D model file (OBJ or FBX file) and the texture & material files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA etc or .MTL files) in a .ZIP or .RAR package and upload this to Sketchfab.


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3. Uploading and processing

After you have chosen all the files you want to upload, hit upload. The files are now transferred. In the meantime, you can give your model a name, description, add categories and tags. Also, you can change some other settings, depending on the account type you have. With a pro, premium or business account you can make the model private or password-protected if you like. Once the transfer is complete, you can click continue to see your uploaded model. If the model is complex, the model might stay in draft mode until the processing is completed.

4. Checking and adjusting the 3D model

Click on your account profile on the upper right corner to view your profile. Here you can click on uploads to check out the models you have uploaded. After the 3D model has been processed, you can click on its name to check it out. If you are satisfied, you can click on publish to publish the model. If you want to adjust the model, for example apply the textures & materials in the right way, you can click on 3D settings. Here you can further adjust the look of your 3D model. When you are satisfied, click save settings and publish!

Sharing 3D models

After you have uploaded your 3D models to sketchfab, it is time to share them, so your target audience can see them.

Sharing the link to the 3D model

Click on your account profile on the upper right corner to view your profile and click on Models to see the models you have published. By clicking on the model, you will visit the 3D model page. You can either share this url, or click the share icon to generate a shorter link to visit this page. If you want to share the model in fullscreen, you can add “/embed” to the url on the top of the page.

Embedding 3D Models on websites using iframes (HTML)

It is possible to embed 3D models hosted on Sketchfab on any webpage that uses HTML. This allows you to place the 3D model viewer of Sketchfab within your own website. To do this, you can click on the “Embed” button at the bottom of the 3D model viewer on the 3D model page.

By clicking the embed button, a new window opens where you can change settings on how you would like the 3D model viewer to appear on your website. For some settings you need to have a paid plan, but it is also possible to embed your 3D models with the free plan.

After you have set the 3D model viewer as desired, you can copy the HTML code and paste it into the HTML code of your website. Usually you can paste this anywhere in your code after the <body> tag and before the </body> tag.

Below we have embedded the model into this article by pasting the HTML code from above into the article as code.

Embedding 3D Models, using web platforms

If you cannot use iframes on the website, because you do not have access to it or the use of iframes is restricted, you can also try to embed your Sketchfab 3D models on your website through solutions offered by specific platforms. For example, WordPress offers plugins that you can use to show your 3D Models uploaded to sketchfab. Other popular platforms that offer custom solutions for this are Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. For a complete list, check out this list of web platforms on Sketchfab.

If you have encounter issues or have questions regarding the process of uploading your 3D models to Sketchfab or sharing them, please let us know.

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