Upload 3D models to Snapchat

How to upload 3D models to Snapchat

In this guide, we will show you how to upload 3D models to Snapchat. Before you get started, make sure you are using the right file format, [modelname].FBX or [modelname].OBJ. Snap (the company behind Snapchat) recommends using the FBX file format.

Snapchat requires you to download their Lens Studio application from their website, it is available for Windows 10 and MacOS10.10+. Follow the Lens Studio installation process to start importing 3D models.

1. Creating the AR experience

First open Lens Studio, go to ‘Templates’ and select the ‘Static Object’ template.

Select Snapchat template

Start by editing the ‘Project Info’ in the top left corner of Lens Studio. Fill in the ‘Lens Name’, what camera the ‘Lens Works On’ (Rear and/or Front camera), and what ‘Hint’ should be shown before placing the 3D model. You can also select which ‘Icon’ you want to have displayed as your Lens. When finished, click ‘Apply’.

After this, delete the Trophy model and add your 3D model with the ‘Add New’ →  ‘Import files’ button from the Resources tab.

When your 3D model is loaded, place the ‘TouchCollision’, ‘GroundGrid’ and ‘MatteShadow’ as a child of the 3D model. This can be done by selecting and dragging them on the 3D model in the ‘Objects’ panel.

After this, make sure the ‘TouchCollision’ box is around your entire model.

The final step before publishing is to make sure that people can easily drag & drop the 3D model in Snapchat. Do this by first clicking on the main model in the ‘Objects’ Panel. Add the ‘Touch’ component and the ‘Manipulate’ component from the ‘Add component’ tab. Select the ‘Camera’ and set the ‘Mesh Visual 1’ to ‘TouchCollision. ‘Mesh Visual’ for the ‘Touch’ component. Finally, in the ‘Manipulate’ component, disable scaling if you don’t want users to scale the model. It should be life size for them to get the exact replica of the product.

2. Time to test and publish!

Download Snapchat on your smartphone to start testing the model. Once Snapchat is installed, go to LensStudio and press the ‘Pair your Device’ in the top right corner. Open the Snapchat app on your phone, aim the camera at the SnapCode presented by Snapchat and press and hold in the middle of the screen. The Snapchat app now asks you to pair with LensStudio.

Now send the 3D model you created to your smartphone by clicking ‘Push Lens To Device’ in the top right corner of LensStudio. This can take a few seconds.

In the Snapchat app, press and hold the screen to see all available lenses. Navigate to your Lens icon and place the 3D model on any surface. If everything works fine, you can Submit the Lens. Press ‘Submit Lens’ in the top left corner and hit ‘Apply’. The submission process doesn’t take too long.

To share the 3D model, users need to scan the Snapcode. In order to get the correct Snapcode, follow these steps:

Share this .png Snapcode with users, so they can scan the Snapcode to see the 3D model!

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