Requesting a 3D model revision

Requesting a revision for your project

Not completely satisfied with the results we delivered? No problem! To make sure we live up to your standards, we offer two revisions per project. This means that in case one or more models in a project are not to your satisfaction, you can instruct us on how to adjust it for you, free of charge!

Step 1: Requesting the revision

In order to request a revision for a project, navigate to your project overview and find the project you want to request a revision for. Click on the ‘Result’  button on the right. This will open up the page that contains the link to your 3D results.

The page should look like this:

On the bottom of the page there will be a ‘request revision’ button. Pressing it will unlock the project if you have not already revised the project two times.  This will make it possible for you to edit the existing products in the project. Adding or removing products is not possible while revising.

Step 2: Adding revision information

After unlocking the project in the step above, open the project from the overview page. It should look something like this.

Click on any of the products in the project you wish to edit. It will enable you to edit all product information you entered when creating the product.

Optionally, you can add additional revision information in the fields on the bottom. Use these fields to tell us what is wrong with the current model. You can also add a link to a new set of pictures that help us understand the changes that need to be made to the model.

Note that you can edit as many products in a project as you want.

Step 3: Submit a project to revision

Once you have edited & added all products you want to revise, you can simply resubmit your project from the project overview. The project status will turn to pending again, and you will receive an alert as soon as your revised 3D models are ready!

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