3D Modelling service
We create 3D models from photos. If you have product images on your website for your products you can also have 3D models. All we need to create 3D models for your products are a few pictures of your product from different angles. Our 3D modelers convert these images into 3D models you can use for your website, social media or Augmented Reality apps.
How it works
1. Sign up for 123Dmodel portal
Signing up is quick, easy and free. Need some help getting started? Have a look here in our knowledge base!
2. Submit a project
Create a project, add all desired models and request a free quote from our modeling team.
3. Receive your 3D models
After we flexed our 3D design muscles for a couple of days, you receive the 3D models in the portal, ready to be used in Facebook, Snapchat and many more amazing platforms!
What we do
We made this…
From this.
What we do
We made this…

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From this…
Realistic 3D models
quickly, affordable & ready to use
We provide you with realistic 3D models
quickly, affordable and ready to use for advertising
Receive 3D models of your products in 1,2,3.
Quick delivery
We work hard to deliver 3D models quickly, so you can profit from them as soon as possible.
High quality
We deliver high-quality, fast-loading, 3D models, making them perfect for mobile devices and Augmented Reality.
Ready to use
Our 3D models are ready to use on for example Google, Facebook and Snapchat.
Our 3D models are optimized for:
Augmented Reality E-commerce

Augmented Reality

The 3D models that we deliver are perfect for Augmented Reality. The models are created in high quality and optimized for good performance when used in Augmented Reality.

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360° Product Viewers

Our 3D models are well suited to be used in online 360 degree product viewers and customizers.

Convince your audience
with your 3D content
Allow shoppers to try your product
from the convenience of their home.

Compatible with CMS and E-Commerce platforms

More and more CMS and E-commerce platforms allow for the creation of immersive shopping experiences by integrating 3D content into their systems. This allows you to store the 3D models on these platforms and associate them with your products and variants. In this way, shoppers can visualize your products right from your website!

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Useful for advertising and social media platforms

Advertising- and social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat are continuously improving their ability to place 3D models into the real-world by using smartphone cameras or wearables. This allows (potential) customers to view your products in 3D, right from their smartphone. Get the most out of your advertising budget and start deploying 3D models today!

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Just scan the Snapcode with your Snapchat app by focusing your camera at the Snapcode and press the screen!

Our clients include
We have delivered high quality 3D models all around the world.
What our clients say
Frequently asked questions
3D models delivered by 123Dmodel.com are always based on the actual size of the product. When you place an order, you should provide us with the dimensions of the products, so we can take this into account.
You will receive the 3D models in all relevant file formats (.FBX/.obj/.usdz/.glb.) It contains all the materials and textures of the 3D model. You will be able to use these files for many purposes. On request, we can deliver the 3D models in a different file format.

It depends on the complexity of the products and on the quantity of the order. The costs are €99 per 3D model for simple products such as chairs, plants and sunglasses. Complex products, such as cars, microwaves and washing machines cost €165 per 3D model. Complex products have more materials and details than simple products.

In addition, if you submit products that have product variations, for example, a product that comes in different colors, you get over 60% discount on the variations. For example, you have a chair that comes in blue, red and yellow. We create the first chair (blue) for €99, and the variations (red and yellow) will only cost €39 each.

3D models are very useful for E-commerce. You can use 3D models for advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Snapchat. In addition, you are able to embed the 3D models in your own webshop, either by using plugins such as Sketchfab, or by using existing toolkits of your E-commerce solution like shopify, magento or lightspeed.
Yes, we deliver 3D models optimized for desktop, mobile and wearables. By keeping the polycount low but the quality high, the 3D models are very useful, also for Augmented Reality!

Some products are easier to model than others. That is why we created two different categories; simple and complex. Simple products often have simple shapes, fewer details, and only one or two materials.

A product variation is similar to another product and only has small differences. For example, a chair that is available in multiple colors. We create one chair as the base model and if you would like 3D models of more colors we can create these variations at a lower rate.

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